Welcome to Pet-Pro Products

Pet-Pro Products is a small company committed to the development of specialized animal food and animal health products. Our specialty is food for hedgehogs, sugar gliders, kangaroo, wallaby, prairie dog, domestic skunks, ground squirrels, equine, camel, as well as special nutrition products for dogs. Individual formulas are developed for specific animals and "cooked" (extruded) to provide the highest quality nutrition possible. Each product provides great taste, quality nutrition and excellent value.

The Pet-Pro Difference

All Pet-Pro Products are extruded (cooked) using friction as the sole source of heat. This patented process provides benefits that include:
  • increased digestibility
  • gelatination of starch
  • sterilization of each product
  • denaturization of enzyme inhibitors
  • texturing of each product

Pet-Pro Distribution

Pet-Pro Products are available to continental U.S. customers only through daily USPS and UPS service and through a distributor network. Products are shipped fresh with a guarantee of satisfaction. Please refer to our Shipping & Handling page for details.

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